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- Player Consultants

Premier Sports Consultancy works on behalf of players to help them with all their professional needs, such as find them a new football club or negotiating contracts.

Due to the nature of the industry, any new player that signs with us are charged an annual fee. This fee is for us to create a player profile and publish it on our website. We will also contact all the clubs on the player's behalf. 
(nb We can not guarantee that we will find a club for every player)

- Contract Negotiating

Premier Sports Consultancy can negotiate new or existing contracts for their clients. We aim to get the best deal possible for the player. Once a contract has been agreed, Premier Sports Consultancy will receive a percentage of the player's salary as part of our commission.

- Wealth Management 

This is an advisory service that we offer clients. This service can range from finance advice to property services to investment opportunities. 

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